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Investment concepts simplified

Simplifying mutual funds to help fulfil your dreams

Be a winner in the game of investing just like Cricket

Here are the ways you could get the best from your investments just like the matches and play a strong innings

Plan your tax saving investment now

Starting early gives you ample time to draw up a financial plan, research about the best tax saving investments

ELSS - Feature & Benefits
Equity Linked Savings Scheme

ELSS aims to beat rising inflation in the long run by investing primarily in equities

Finance your future dreams through SIPs

Any dream can be achieved if you work towards it. Building wealth is no different.

Empower your dreams, with equity mutual funds

Big ambitions give birth to even bigger dreams. And while it's important to dream big, it's also crucial to go about fulfilling them in the right manner.

Simplifying mutual funds to help fulfil your dreams

Investing in mutual funds can help you achieve your financial goals in a systematic yet easy manner.

Reach your financial goals faster, with the right mix of investments

Do not put all your eggs in one basket, so goes the saying. It is the same with your investments.

Safeguard your goals with debt mutual funds

Debt funds are mutual funds that invest in fixed income instruments, such as corporate and government bonds, corporate debt securities and money market instruments that offer potential capital appreciation.

IT Basics & Tax Instruments

Understanding Income Tax & various tax saving instruments

Average Maturity and Modified Duration

Concept Clarifier: Average Maturity and Modified Duration

Investing in your Childs Future

Safeguard your child’s future with prudent investing

Happy Financial Independence Day

Six-step guide to attain financial independence

Markets at all time high

Every time the stock market reaches an all-time high

Understanding the Magic of Compounding

Napoleon Hill author of best seller

5 ways millennials can be smart with their money

Millennials should take advantage of technology and tools to avoid credit pitfalls

Concept Clarifier: Monetary Policy

Changes in short term interest rates affect the spending and savings behaviour

All about investing in Small Cap Funds

All about investing in Small Cap Funds. Why invest in Small cap companies?

Decoding myths and facts about investing

Decoding myths and facts about investing Myth. You must have Einstein’s brains to invest. Fact: Investing is a process that can be learnt over time

Avenues of tax savings

Different avenues of tax saving

Beginner’s guide to successful investing

Start early and over time your savings could grow into a sizeable sum

Build your kids' monetary skills

The habit of saving can begin by giving them a piggy bank where they can deposit coins or cash

Concept Clarifier: Arbitrage Funds

An Arbitrage Funds are hybrid fund which aims to capitalise on profitable arbitrage opportunities

Decoding Growth, IDCW option of MFs

When investing in mutual funds, there are Growth and IDCW options are available.

Decoding Taxation of Equity, Debt & Hybrid Funds

STCG/ LTCG are taxed as per the asset allocation, i.e., Equity taxation or Debt taxation

Do’s and don’ts while investing in MFs

It is a common myth that mutual funds are too risky for a first-timer to invest in

Future of Infrastructure growth story

Strong infrastructure is critical for the growth of any country - especially an emerging country

How to build a fixed income portfolio?

Fixed income portfolio is a combination of debt investments that add value to the individual’s goal

Jargon Buster: Rupee Cost Averaging

The purpose of rupee cost averaging is to lessen the risk of timing the market

Looking for an all-in-one fund to ride market volatility?

Balanced advantage funds actively manage and invest in a mix of debt and equity based on market movements

Ride over market volatility through SIP

SIP remains to be one of the wisest ways to invest in the equity markets

Smallcap Funds – Opportunity for wealth creation

Emerging companies comprise of stocks with sound fundamentals and create a considerable potential for growth

Things to know about Corporate Bond Funds

Corporate bond funds invests their corpus in bonds which are rated AA+ and above

Multi Cap Fund

Multi Cap Fund: A fund to capitalise opportunities across market cycles

Understanding Banking & PSU Debt Funds

Banking & PSU Debt Funds aim to provide liquidity, has a low risk and volatility profile

Understanding Mutual Fund Riskometer

SEBI has made it mandatory for all fund houses to display a riskometer depicting levels of risk

What are you doing with salary increment?

Increase your monthly SIP amount as a percentage or a fixed amount

Why Index Funds score over ETFs?

ETFs and index funds try to mirror the securities in their underlying indices

An Investor Education & Awareness Initiative by HSBC Mutual Fund

Visit w.r.t. one-time Know Your Customer (KYC) process, complaints redressal process including SEBI SCORES ( Investors should only deal with Registered Mutual Funds, to be verified on SEBI website under Intermediaries/Market Infrastructure Institutions ( Investors may refer to the section on ‘Investor Education’ on the website of HSBC Mutual Fund for the details on all ‘Investor Education and Awareness Initiatives’ undertaken by HSBC Mutual Fund.

This document is intended only for distribution in Indian jurisdiction. Neither this document nor the units of HSBC Mutual Fund have been registered under Securities law/Regulations in any foreign jurisdiction. The distribution of this document in certain jurisdictions may be unlawful or restricted or totally prohibited and accordingly, persons who come into possession of this document are required to inform themselves about, and to observe, any such restrictions. If any person chooses to access this document from a jurisdiction other than India, then such person do so at his/her own risk and HSBC and its group companies will not be liable for any breach of local law or regulation that such person commits as a result of doing so.

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.