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Disclosure of Executive Remuneration

Average Assets under Management (AAUM) under the schemes of HSBC Mutual Fund and rate of growth of AAUM over last three years:
HSBC Mutual Fund MF's Total AAUM (in INR crore) Growth Rate* MF's Debt AAUM (in INR Crore) Growth Rate* MF's Equity AAUM (in INR Crore) Growth Rate*
For FY 2020-21 9,773.10 -17.59% 6,635.28 -19.60% 3,137.82 -13.01%
For FY 2019-20 11,859.62 1.42% 8,252.56 -3.00% 3,607.07 13.20%
For FY 2018-19 11,693.75 6.41% 8,507.37 5.46% 3,186.38 9.05%

*Growth Rate = [(Data for current F.Y. - Data for previous F.Y.) / Data for previous F.Y.]%
Debt includes Liquid + Debt open ended + Debt Closed ended
Equity includes ELSS + Equity others + FOF Overseas + FOF Domestic
The report does not include the Unclaimed schemes in Liquid
AAUM considered above is for the year.
Total AAUM includes all scheme categories including Fund of Fund

For the Executive Remuneration stated disclosures for FY 2020 - 21 please click here

  • Disclosure of remuneration received by top ten employees (along with name and designation) in terms of remuneration drawn for the financial year
  • Disclosure of remuneration of every employee whose:
    • i)  Annual salary is above one crore two lakhs rupees for the financial year (previously it was 60 lakhs)
    • ii) Monthly remuneration in the aggregate was not less than eight lakh and fifty thousand rupees per month, if the employee is employed for a part of the financial year.(previously it was 5 lakhs and above)