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What is biodiversity ?

The wealth of plants, animals, microorganisms and their interactions is known as Biodiversity. 
Natural ecosystems are under threat as a result of deforestation, land degradation, pollution of water, air and soil, hunting and harvesting and climate change. Biodiversity degradation is an immediate global challenge we face not just as investors.

A call to Help Maintain our Ecosystems - Clinton Addas

Why embrace biodiversity and nature ?

Biodiversity and natural systems health are absolutely integral to planetary sustainability, and a narrow focus on climate change and carbon emissions is not enough to create a resilient environment. We believe that humanity is already starting to experience the costs of ecosystem decline from our unbalanced relationship with the nature, and the Covid-19 public health crisis is just one example of the links between the exploitation of biodiversity and the emergence of diseases that spread from animals to humans. Companies that do not address biodiversity loss may face increasing risks over time – including physical risk, reputational risk, and systemic risk.

Our actions to help preserve biodiversity

  • Participating in the Task Force for Nature Related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), at the HSBC Group level
  • Developing a natural capital real assets investment business in partnership with Pollination - Climate Asset Management (CAM)
  • Being an early signatory of the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge, and participation in the ongoing working groups on engagement for biodiversity
  • Member of the Business for Positive Biodiversity Club (B4B+ Club) initiated by the French Caisse des Depots since September 2020

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