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With over 15 years' experience in advising, executing and managing liquidity strategies, our specialist liquidity portfolio managers in India focus on active risk management, using the extensive expertise of our global credit research team.

One of the key investment objectives of our cash fund is to provide reasonable returns with low risk while providing a high level of liquidity, through a portfolio of money market and debt securities.

We manage our cash fund based on three pillars

  • Robust risk management
  • Proactive liquidity measures
  • Optimising returns

Risk Management is core to the way we do our business. It’s our endeavor to bring the same in the management of cash fund as well. Based on our risk norms, we hold quality debt papers only, apart from cash instruments in the fund. This ensures that the papers we invest in, have lesser potential to default and provides adequate liquidity. This is critical for us, as capital conservation is our prime focus in cash fund.

Getting started

  • To buy our funds online, visit our Online Platform
  • For information on how to invest, speak to your adviser
  • For fund information and performance, go to the fund centre
  • For any other information, visit our contact page